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Interasma Scientific Network (INESnet)

INTERASMA is an International Health Organization focused on all aspects of Asthma and other obstructive lung diseases, which bridges the gap between academia and clinical practice. Interasma is proud to launch the Interasma Scientific Network (INESnet).

INESnet is a meeting place to get to know each other, to know who does what and where. The purpose is to create an international network, to work together, to offer opportunities. The values which underlie this project are the sharing of efforts, facilities, opportunities, thoughts and ideas with the aim to develop and spread a critical quantity of scientific products, favoring rapidity in full respect of scientific rigor.

The drivers for all INESnet members should be to be part of a recognized scientific network and the achievement of benefits from cooperative working. The expected change is the increase of members' scientific expertise (CV- career) and the opportunity to grow from the professional point of you.

INESnet was born as an editorial project on obstructive lung diseases. The starting working tool will be a dedicated digital platform for meeting, sharing, discussing, researching and writing papers. This will allow to start a tight collaboration characterized by mindedness, fluency, speed, productivity on a broad field of issues in obstructive lung diseases.

Let's get it started!

INESnet is a project by: